It would be great if a similar feature could be implemented within Plex, that way I can avoid using a different media player whenever I am viewing any of my UHD movies. Can a mod please fix that? Also, I have updated my username within Plex but my e-mail is still showing here on the forums.

How can I make it so my username shows instead? Just read through the last thread. I just started viewing 4K content and had never used the optimize feature before.

Works great for non-HDR screens except for the tone mapping issue. It might take a while, there are a lot of arguments happening. So, they can convert however they want to simply reach an end SDR version which is vastly more acceptable than what we get now. Then if they want to move to the standard conversion algorithm later they can.

Understanding it may be more work altogether doing it twice but as it stands the solution is wrecking the media… its no solution at all. The problem with that you will run into the same problems that the standards people are having.

Remapping the colours correctly so an accurate representation can happen. There are some complicated maths involved to do this, just churning out a quick and dirty solution would probably be just as bad a picture as you have now. Its absolutely possible to convert the color spaces currently - the question is whether or not Plex devs are going to spend the time to do so before a standard comes along is it worth it?

The problem is probably the fact that doing this in ffmpeg requires filters which I believe only run on one CPU core which would make it close to impossible to use for real time use. Just a couple of weeks ago I saw some correspondence about BT. This type of thing for the near future is going to best be handled using whatever method is available.

HDR Insights Article 3: Understanding HDR Tone Mapping

Imagine having to decode H. Yes, right now the biggest challenge seems to be the amount of compute resources ffmpeg needs to do this. From that article:.

It makes sense to tune encoding speed to available CPU resources. Null output of our tone-mapping setup results in an average playback speed of about 4. This leaves 7 cores open for encoding. Choosing an encoding speed which would result in a general FPS rate of or less than 4. Hopefully the transcoding wizards can find a hardware-assisted realtime approach to the problem, as this functionality is really important and really needed in PMS.

General Discussions. Really looking forward to this feature. Thanks for starting a new thread. McCanical March 14,am 4. Most likely yes it will because there is more that needs to be done.

Kripsy March 16,pm 6. My questions for devs is what tone mapping strategy they intend to use. Stephen April 1,pm 9.

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Stephen April 5,am Stephen April 8,am Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Best Answer softworkz23 February - PM. Final Summary.

hdr to sdr tone mapping

Posted 09 February - PM. Yep you need to check for BT in the media, and also check for HDR support on the display device, then make the decision to tone-map or not in transcode.

Using PQ would make this, moot. Like mpv, does. This is needed for transcoding though. Direct playing to Kodi or ET this isn't really an issue. Playing HDR material in any situation where transcoding it is required. This string would only be applied when transcoding HDR material. Yep, or also be a trigger to start transcoding to an SDR display. But, if the end display is HDR, hopefully Emby can still pass HDR content even if it does have to transcode for other reasons codecs, bandwidth etc.

But wouldn't it be better to not lose the HDR color?

LG 4K HDR Colors of Journey (HDR to SDR tone mapping)

And negate the need for conversion? That's what I'd prefer.

A few words about...™ HDR and the new Panasonic 9000 -- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

It isn't strict. The color representation is perfect. I actually prefer it to sending the metadata to my display. The picture quality is exactly the same without waiting for the display to switch. Mpv uses ffmpeg, so PQ can definitely be used. Sounds like the implementation of the conversion is well within the scope of FFMPEG it seems that the rules and flags to trigger are more involved though. Posted 10 February - AM.

hdr to sdr tone mapping

These are technically two separate issues. The Emby client checks to see if a display is HDR compatible, if not it tells the transcoder to engage tone mapping during the encode to output accurate colors in a traditional SDR format. Again, I think it's better to use PQ, then those two things will be redundant. That would be my choice. Posted 10 February - PM.

I have no idea what a perceptual quantizer is, I assume you can time travel with it though like a Flux capacitor Sent from my SM-GU1 using Tapatalk. This doesn't apply to direct playing files on ET or Kodi. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.VideoHelp Forum. Remember Me? Download free trial! Results 1 to 18 of Can someone guide how to set video player for x HDR films.

Is madVR codec necessary? Any other? I am noob to this area so it could someone explain to me in few short steps. I use VLC 3. Like your monitor it doesn't support real HDR or real wide color gamut.

I'm using Windows 10 The display must also have HDR turned on. I will do reinstall soon to version Something new problem always rise up. I presumme that only way to play HDR movies in full power is to install win10 to that computer and use steps that you described? Originally Posted by lorcav If that is the situation maybe I will give a VLC a chance, it seems more powerful than others and more easy to set.

Win7 computer has gtx but CPu is some very old two core intel OK, first, PotPlayer is not malware, nor adware - it's just "Ad-Supported installation", so just untick the "agree" checkbox for ad while installing and the program will be ad-free, or you can use the portable version bit only, yet.

Originally Posted by Dreamer. HDR videos has very bad colors by default, I don't know why this option is disabled by default, so just click it once or use that context menu option and it will be OK. I'm not expert for this, but you can ask in the official PotPlayer forum, or directly via email.

Unfortunately, I can't provide you with help for any of that based on personal experience. The last system of mine that had AMD graphics was built in I have been using Intel graphics for the past 5 years and I don't use madVR. I presumme that with 4K HDR android box should be plug and play?

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Movie looks washed out with or without that options. By Someonecool in forum Video Conversion. Replies: 4 Last Post: 22nd OctDeals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. What's new New posts Latest activity. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Thread starter Dixie4 Start date Apr 11, Dixie4 Well-known Member. I actually own a Sony X, which apparently has this feature? Last edited: Apr 12, All players are backward compatible and can play DVD also. If you're concern is about buying UHD discs for future use then many of them come complete with a SD blu ray disc as well.

If there is no intention of buying a 4K display then there is really little point in buying a 4K player, if the one he has is still going strong.

In the market though everything, TVs and players, all seem to be moving towards the 4K arena so that day most certainly will have to come for your friend.

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I was very impressed with blu ray on my new 4K Panny OLED, whether or not that was down to the increase in size from 50'' to 65'' or the upscaling abilities of the set to 4K, or a combination of both, it did give a 'wow' moment. However on a display I don't think I'd bother as there is little to be gained. The 4K player produced the same image on my then Panny plasma as it's blu ray predecessor did, both Pioneers.AVS Forum articles Contests. OR Remember. OldAM - Thread Starter.

The discussion has been going all over the place in avsforum lately. I see currently 4 improvement potential through the below discussion: 1 Madvr could handle highlights even better through light clipping no bug. This will be new feature not a bug fixing. Madshi is sure that there is not color shift. Originally Posted by Soulnight. Hi Madshi, happy new year! Below my quoted old idea which you did not like for good reasons. Based on that feedback and my user experience, here here is my new idea: 1 A bit complicated but nice I am using the HDR to SDR shader math mapping with a nits target, with dynamic compression of the highlights up to the peak luminance of each image.

But doing so, most of the pixels are compressed heavily in the process, for those few. I would propose to give the user a choice for setting "a dynamic clipping nits limit" in "percent" of the number of pixels above "this display target nits".

Everything between and nits gets compressed up to the peak luminance of the said picture Below nits: nothing touched Of course you could implement both. Thank you a lot! I know I am asking a lot and I hope Masvr V1. Originally Posted by madshi.

hdr to sdr tone mapping

Not a bad idea at all. Two problems: 1 It's more difficult to implement than the current measurement because I'd have to measure a full histogramm, which is harder to do with simple pixel or compute shaders than the current very simple measurement.

Especially if the new option is cryptic. How would the average user understand "percent of the number of pixels above the display target nits"? But I'll add this idea to my list of things to look at. Maybe I can come up with something that either needs no additional user options, or can be explained to the user in such a way that he's not confused.

Glad that you like it!Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

If you have Windows 10 with an HDR display, you no longer need to 'tonemap'. For use with Windows in SDR, try starting with this:. Posted 09 February - PM. Ok, so I've posted a bunch of different configs and results, but I'm sure that some of you have gotten a little confused, and are unsure of what you should be doing.

So this thread will be a bit more structured in what to use. For those wanting to use this, I am assuming that you already know how, and are only looking for a config to put in your mpv. There are far too many possible configurations to show them all, here. So I'm going to focus on the elements that I think are most important. This will generally give you a very good picture. If you're using an SDR display with basic color adjustments, it's probably best that you don't change anything.

The defaults are designed to work with that kind of display. Something I should also mention is that calibration for HDR passthrough may not work with mpv tone mapping. My display comes with a calibrated setting.

But if I use the same settings for mpv, the colors are incorrect. So you may want to check that. I calibrated my display to the Windows desktop.

Vulkan picking

If Windows' colors are correct, so will mpv. Test playing an HDR movie with that, so you can decide what if any adjustments you want to make. I'm choosing these movies because they have extremes in saturation, light and darkness. As you can see, the results appear very good. Now I'll show you what using reinhard instead of hable, will look like. Reinhard stays more faithful to the brightness. You lose more detail, in the brightness.

Here's where we go down the rabbit hole a little bit, and I show you how to improve the detail. This is where we start adjusting the desaturation. Using the default config, but increasing desaturation to 2. The differences here, are subtle. The Chess video shows it, best.Sign-up to become a memberand most of the ads you see will disappear. It only takes 30 seconds to sign up, so join the discussion today!

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A few words about Tags: 4k a few words about blu-ray hdr panasonic uhd. Message 1 of Apr 27, Robert Harris Archivist. Those peons, like me, who run films via projection, have been viewing 4k discs with HDR, trying to decode said High Dynamic Range in our minds-eye, since the system really started working properly over the past year, or so.

If you know what you're looking at, you can tell when it's supposed to be there, it just doesn't pop. I've personally gone through a few 4k players, beginning with the horrific Samsung toy, with the remote sized for the fingers of a six year-old girl. Then the first of the Panasonics, which was a step up, followed by the Oppo Swan Song model.

But finally, for the first time, via the new Panasonicwhich I received today courtesy of Value Electronics - not a comp incidentally, as they can sell every unit they receive - I'm seeing properly decoded HDR, even with a limitation of nits - and everything looks superb.

I no longer feel like a second class citizen. I'll leave it to others to test this unit with OLED panels, which should also appear better, but I wouldn't expect the major difference as seen in projection. I would highly suggest that anyone who takes their film viewing seriously, and is running a 4k projector, to grab one ASAP.

Message 2 of Apr 27, So you would not recommend a Samsung 4K player for a first timer? Message 3 of Apr 27, From all I have heard about the Sammy, a times no! This is a great heads up from Robert. I just hope the has a lot of the Oppo extras like and subtitle adjustments.

Message 4 of Apr 27, Last edited: Apr 28, Mark McSherry Stunt Coordinator. Could some one tell me the difference between the UB and UB in terms of their video capabilities.

The UB vs reviews I've read say that there is little difference side-by-side comparison in video output. Maybe, Value Electronics' Robert Zohn could comment on this too. Message 5 of Apr 27, Last edited: Apr 27, Would you see a difference if you have a 4K LED?

Message 6 of Apr 27, Matt Hough Director. Message 7 of Apr 27,